December 28, 2009

Palatka City dock 12.28.09

SUNSHINE!!  We woke up this morning to a beautiful sunrise.


The Seagulls have taken over the end of the dock. There is a launch ramp nearby. When a fishing boat came past…I was able to get a good photo of them in flight.


There is a freeze warning for early a.m tomorrow, so we decided to spend another night. The cold front is due in this afternoon bringing high winds with it….small craft warnings for later today. So we will stay here, plugged in..nice and warm.

Jim unloaded our “dolly” and we took it and a 5 gal. gas can with us to the restaurant for breakfast. Then a short walk to the gas station. We should have enough  to run the generator for at least 5 nights, if need be. When we leave here, we’ll be anchoring out at night until we get to Palm Coast.

It was warm inside most of the day even without the heater. The sun was beautiful…but as soon as it dropped out of sight it turned cold. We are fairly comfortable but not as warm as last night. Having a warm engine compartment..even when closed …makes a big difference. I think spending the night here will have been a good idea.

One more trip down the dock for Raisin’s final walk and we will be tucked in for the night.

There is a gentleman aboard a 25’ sailboat and I saw no electric cord running to it.  Brrrrrrrrrr  hope he has more than a candle.

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