December 28, 2009

Palatka City Dock 12.27.09

Jim has the generator set up for extended run…and we needed it last night in Welaka. It Ran for 12 hrs.

We started out fairly early this morning…no sausage gravy and biscuits today…still stuffed from last night.

No sunshine so the interior of the boat was downright cold…ran the small heater for a few minutes at a time to get the chill out. It’s hard to believe…but heat in the boat might be a good idea …even in Florida!!  We listened to the weather and looks like several nights in the 30’s are due here. Might stay right here in Palatka…plugged in!!

We stopped at Corky Bells…tied up to the floating dock…went inside and ordered hot wings…while they were fixing them we hiked over to the grocery store and picked up a few supplies. After stopping for our wings…we headed back to the boat to stow the goodies. We then decided to go to the city dock and hook up….and eat our lunch there….with a heater going…so here we sit….heater going full blast…water tank topped off and part of the wings gone.


Don’t know what the temperature is outside…but it definitely isn’t shorts weather…so I’ll have to change when I walk the dog.

This is the entrance to the dock. They did a lot of work on it last year and it is very nice.


There is a small park. It makes a nice place to walk…and the last time we were here there was a concert.


No ice on the windows or snow on the dock…so I know you northerners aren't feeling a bit sorry for us…..we aren't either….we could be home with central heat….but we’re not…..we are right where we want to be…..on the water.

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