December 27, 2009

Welaka, FL 12.26.09

We left Silver Glen Springs around 10 am.  It was pretty cold last night. Lots of mist rising off the water this morning. The water felt like bath water but the air outside and inside the boat was too cold for a swim. No nice warm spot to get rid of the chill…so we passed on the swim. The sky was overcast and without the sun it stayed pretty cold inside the boat.

We arrived in Welaka with a bit of sunshine to warm us up.


Once the boat was secured, curtains in place and the engine compartment opened to warm the interior….and the dog walked…we hiked up to the Shrimp R US restaurant for a delicious shrimp dinner.


This is a free dock but no electric hookup or water so we’ll spend the night and head to the Palatka city dock  tomorrow.

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