January 8, 2010

Silver Glen Springs to G109

We decided to make another early run. The sun wouldn’t hit the boat until almost 9 where we were anchored. Once in the middle of Lake George we’d have it as soon as it was up.

We couldn't  believe how much frost was on the boat. Handrails ..everything had a thick coat of it. Because the water is so  warm there was a lot of mist rising as we left.


It was really beautiful.


I had to go out and make a snowball.


We cruised for almost 3 hours and the frost was still there.

073  So I decided to make a snowman.


He lasted another hour or two. Even with the sun on the deck, the air was cold enough to keep it frozen.

Here’s a tip….if you come to Florida to go fishing….be sure to dress for the weather. At least the fish were biting.



Even “Santa” fishes in Florida.


The Pelicans were gathering on the sunny side of the roofs. Out of the wind and in the sunshine.


We have not seen an alligator. Even the regulars are not out.

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