January 8, 2010

Palatka to Silver Glen Springs 1.6.10

Jim was up before the sun and had coffee made. He handed me a hot cup as I was rolling out……what a treat on a COLD morning.

We knew we’d have to run the generator for the heater and it was just barely keeping the chill out. We decided to get moving and once the engine compartment was warm we could open one of the doors and get a bit more heat.

The gentleman in the sailboat was already gone when we got to the dock. He had family in the area….and we left early. We are sorry we didn’t get to talk to him. We both really love the boat.

Once the sun was up the interior started to warm up. By afternoon we were able to turn off the generator and heater.

As we neared the entrance to Silver Glen Springs, we saw hundreds of swallows zipping across the water. They were all over. It was a lot of fun watching them.


72 degree water felt like bath water….so we took one…

We launched the dingy and did a bit of cruising to get the saltwater out of the engine.

We buttoned up and settled in for the night.

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