March 14, 2010

3.11.10 Silver Glen Springs to Welaka, Fl

I was up early and a trip ashore for Raisin was in order. We tried to sneak out so as not to wake Jim…not sure we were able to, he had coffee made by the time we got back.

There is a small stretch of beach for her to walk but much of the shore line along the run looks like this…I thought the new ferns were especially pretty. Last year there was a family of River Otters that hung out in this area. We have not seen them yet this year.010cs

As soon as I got back to the boat, Jim told me he and Ed had listened to the weather report and we needed to haul anchor and get headed N. We wanted to be off Lake George before the storms hit and they were due in our area in a few hours.

We got under way, and the lake had already started kicking up a bit. Once we were into the deeper part of the lake (7-9’) we were able to head N and the wind and waves were at our backs or nearly so. It made for a nice comfortable ride, but every now and then a large swell would catch us on the rear quarter and try to turn us off sideways.

We had a small head start, but Carole and Ed caught us  about half-way to the N end.  Jim called them and asked them to give us a “slow pass” so as not to create a big wake. Actually, I wanted them on the down-wind side so I could get a short video with the window open and the rain wouldn’t be blowing in.

Here’s what the ride across the lake looked like.

Carole and Ed were headed to their slip and we were going to tie up at the Welaka city dock. As we approached the dock the wind let up and the skies opened up and dumped rain on us by the bucket load. Naturally I was on the deck with the dock lines and fenders out. Jim did a great job of backing into the slip. I would much rather have the downpour than gusting winds for docking. Much easier to change into dry clothes that repair dings etc.

Bruce and Kate offered to pick us up but we decided to stay with the boat. There had been a few tornado warnings in the area and severe thunderstorms. The boat rode well at the floating dock…no major leaks and all the snaps held during the wind gusts and the vinyl side curtains stayed in place. Lots of thunder and lightening.

The storm passed thru and we were able to go to Shrimp R Us for supper. Carole and Ed played taxi and we didn’t have to walk in the rain. Kate and Bruce met us there. We had a good meal with great company.

Another end to a great day on the water!

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