March 13, 2010

3.10.10 heading to Silver Glen Springs.

I was up early and had the coffee started….when I realized we had company.

a little dark thing flew across the cockpit a couple of times. I waited until it landed… A Bat!007cs

I was pretty sure I knew what it was. We’ve had one in here before. The enclosure is pretty snug and I think perhaps it was attracted to the heat of the engine and came in through the vents. They will have screen on them for the next trip. The last bat surprised me and I had it caught up in a towel and put outside before I thought of the camera…not this time…important stuff first!  look at those cute little hind feet and I guess it is a finger on the fold of the wing. I’ll have to research it when I get a chance.

Jim got up …we opened the side curtain and I used the fly swatter to nudge it towards the opening. Jim held up a jacket so it would be funneled outside…it worked and it was on it’s way.


We saw our first Limpkin of the season.


This is truly a beautiful bird. This picture doesn’t do it justice. Here is one I took last year.

5.13.09 075cs2

It is really very striking. Each white feather is like a little white tab.

Back out on the river, Ed and Carole pulled alongside.  Ed has a unique way of enjoying the view.


We took Blue Creek and it was like a super highway. We have never met more than one or two boats on this creek….today they were bumper to bumper…but it was still a nice ride.

The trip across Lake George was again smooth. We anchored for the night at Silver Glen Springs.

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