March 16, 2010

3.13.10 Sister’s Island to Palatka, Fl

I slept so good last night I never heard the rain storm. Jim said it really came down hard. He had to bail out the dingy before we could do a morning cruise. 002cs There doesn’t appear to be any dry land that we can get to for a dog walk…but we are going to take a ride anyways.

We look kind of small from this distance.


Once the dingy was loaded on the swim platform…we headed on into Palatka. We decided to tie up to the city dock and fill the water tank and jugs. The wind was really kicking up and it was tricky getting it done.

From there we headed over to the floating dock at Corky Bell’s. Jim picked us up a couple order of hot wings and we sat aboard ..bouncing around…and enjoyed our lunch.

We haven't been down Dunn’s Creek in a few years so are going to check it out. We spotted this cute little gator sunning with a bunch of turtles.


We worked our way a little closer…Is he smiling at me?


I kept taking pictures of him so that I might get a good one….and boy was I surprised when I saw this one after downloading it to the computer. look closely…the one I was interested in is in the lower R corner…you can see one of the turtles on the same log.  Now…look at the log above him…2 more.  On a log in the upper L is the tail of a very large gator and above him another small one. 5 in all and the only one we had noticed was the “smiling” one in the lower R. I can’t believe we missed seeing them!!


A little ways up from this group, we spotted this one. 025cs

We couldn’t get over the depth on some of the corner’s of this twisting little creek. …50’ on one and most were at least 30’….and as soon as you round the “U” turn it would rise right back up to 17’ or 18’ and then be 10’or 11’  depending on the part of the creek you were in.  I know most of you are laughing…but down here that is deep.

We finished the day out on Murphy Creek and found a nice anchorage. The wind is really gusting but this is another creek with a lot of bends and there is always a spot to get out of the wind.

Both Dunn’s Creek and Murphy’s Creek should be on your list if you get down this way.

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