March 19, 2010

3.18.10 last day on the river

We saw several Manatees in the river near Blue Springs but were unable to get any photos. We anchored near by hoping we would see some in the morning…but none appeared.

We did see a few more gators and spotted this Osprey as he landed in a tree with a fish.


Look at this face…. What a beautiful bird.


I forgot to mention one of the exciting things that happened yesterday.  We’re cruising along…eyes peeled for gators or other interesting critters….when all of a sudden a plane dropped out of the sky …and landed on the water right in front of us!!….I had just taken the battery out of the camera and had to scramble to get it in and grab a couple of photos.


We never heard it coming….it touched down….and then took off again.


It looks like one that cruises into the springs once in awhile. Perhaps he recognized us from there…and dropped in to say hello……. I don’t know…It was quite a site.

We had a good day for hauling out. Not too hot or cold. A bit gusty when Jim was loading the boat on the trailer but he was able to get it on without any trouble.

Two weeks just isn’t long enough. Can’t wait till we head out again. Maybe it will be a bit warmer and we won’t need the vinyl side curtains or the heater. It’s so much nicer on the water at night with just the screens to keep the bugs out and all the beautiful night sounds.


Suzanne said...

I'm just catching up on your last five posts. The pictures are great as always -- beautiful osprey. I love your blog, wildlife around us, and forgotten that's how I'd found you here. I just really appreciate your loving view of the wildlife around you.

Mike Anderson said...

Hi Carol, You do a wonderful job with your blog and I can't wait to show it to others. I'm glad you had a great trip. My boat wants to go again and so do I.


Naturegirl said...

Great shots of this Osprey!!I was in Florida one year and the closest I got with my camera's eye was a nest way on top of a pole.
Great shots!