March 19, 2010

3.17.10 Leaving the Springs

We took Raisin to shore for a short walk, had our coffee while we waited for her to get a bit of exercise. Once back at the boat, Jim stowed the dingy on the rear deck, hauled the anchor and off we went.

There didn’t appear to be any wind at all but the lake was starting to build up a little, and a few drops of rain hit the windshield.

As we approached the gates at the S end, George pulled alongside. He was headed to town for supplies. He’s dressed for the weather.


Even though the day started out a bit dreary…it turned off nice and what a day we had for spotting gators. They were everywhere. Here are just a few.


015cs 125cs


We saw several sunning together. It’s getting to be that time of season.


We were surprised to see this Peacock along the shore.


There were a couple of rowing clubs on the river, training I believe.


And several single kayaks. These two made a pretty picture.

237cs We are anchored just S of Blue Springs.  There is a pretty good sized gator cruising by the boat right now. Guard duty.

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