March 5, 2010

3.5.10 G3 to Silver Glen Springs

The sun was shining when we got up. Once the curtains were down it was very warm. Raisin had a trip to the “potty carpet” on the deck while I shut off the generator. After coffee and a hot bowl of oatmeal we headed for Silver Glen Springs.

A large flock of Pelicans were sunning and grooming themselves on this boat house.


The trip up Blue Creek was beautiful, as always. We met several fishing boats at the N entrance. They must have been looking for a nice spot out of the wind.

The lake was a bit lumpy but still a good ride. More fishermen near the entrance.


This is one of our favorite stops. Good place to swim. You can see the sandy spots on the bottom. That’s the clear water from the springs. Sometimes you can’t see bottom until you are past the island. Wind and tide play a part in how far the water stays clear at the entrance. Lake George and the St Johns River are a dark “tea” color.


This Anhinga had just come out of the water to dry it’s wings. They always look like they are having a bad hair day.


These men were fishing with bows. We see them in here quite often. The fish are easy to see in this clear water. There are some that come in at night. They have generators and big lights.


I took a swim and Jim spent an hour mopping the boat down. It’s a beautiful day….air is cold but the sun is warm. Time to kick back and relax.

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