March 5, 2010

3.4.10 Launched at Lake Monroe, FL

All the last minute items were stowed….freezer food, pet food, milk etc.

We left the house fairly early…the air was cold but the sun warm. The bird and dog ride in the truck with us and we had the heat on.

The boat and trailer were backed down into the water…..for some reason the boat didn’t want to come off the trailer. Jim gunned it a bit and it still wouldn’t float free. OHHHHHHHH…one minor little problem…….when Jim replaced the shift cable….he hooked it up backwards…..LOL….so when he was trying to back off…he was really putting it back on…..once that was figured out…it launched perfectly….while I put up all the side curtains, Jim switched the cable.

We were underway by a bit after noon. The sun was warming it up inside but I had the bird’s “hot water heater” tucked up under the covers so she’d stay warm. Raisin had her sweater on and we had sweatshirts…all comfy cozy.

There were several gators out sunning themselves….my camera battery was dead….one of the things I forgot to check the night before.

We were having such a good time cruising we decided to skip Hontoon Island and head for the anchorage at G3. Jim had the extended run all set up for the generator.

The sun set about an hour before we got to G3 (Lungun Island).


All the black specks are swallows.  The sky was full of them.


Once anchored, we started the generator, the heater and put up the side curtains. We were nice and snug in the cockpit for a bit of reading and a glass of wine. Then off to bed.


Hira Reid said...

Wow, what a sunset. I'm glad to see you guys out on the water again and enjoying the sunshine and some warmth from the sun.

Suzanne said...

I just want to say how much I enjoy your adventures. You both sound so relaxed and that you enjoy your life. It sounds so exotic to me here in the midwest. I appreciate your loving care for the manatees, too.

Wishing you a wonderful time.