March 2, 2010

Tuesday…raining…cold….very windy…

I have the bunks made up ( with all the heavy blankets)….. All the canned goods stowed…..towels….and some clothes are aboard.  The last minute stuff…pots n pans, bird, dog, their food, freezer stuff…etc will go aboard just before we leave.

Off to the Motor Vehicle Dept tomorrow…..then I can load more  of the “stuff”.

Thurs will be launch day if there are no more delays….Hontoon Island Thursday night. It’s supposed to be down to 39* by morning…..It will be much nicer to be at the dock and plugged into electric….it probably wouldn’t cost any more than all the gas we’d use running the generator all night…….. We get to dock there for 1/2 price. ….. Sometimes being over 65 can actually be a good thing.

If you ever get to visit Hontoon Island…be sure to visit their museum and watch the video. It is very good and you can see what Blue Springs was like years ago. 

This time of year…keep a close watch for Manatees in that area. It is only a few miles N of Blue Springs…..and that is a haven for them. They stay there for the warm 72* water of the springs.

This is my favorite Manatee photo. We thought they were twins…but one is sort of adopted. They showed up at Blue Springs a day after this was taken on Nov 18. I sent the photos to Georgia Zern…she forwarded them to Ranger Hartley at Blue Springs…..this was his response to her…and then forwarded to me: 

“The mother is H. Granger; her calf is to her left.  The calf on the right is
Kee (female).  I can make out the R brand on Kee's shoulders.  Kee was
adopted by Della at Lowery Park Zoo while Della was recovering from a boat
strike.  Della, Pal (her calf while in captivity) and Kee were released this
summer at Palatka.  Della and Pal came in on 29 Nov.  So did H. Granger and
calf.  Kee was first seen with Park and calf on 2 Dec. Kee left Park and went
over to nurse on Cheryl (with calf), Cheryl was in on 18 Nov.  Since arrival
Kee has nursed on several different mothers.” 


So please be careful….and watch for H Granger and her calf….and maybe Kee will be with them. They are beautiful animals. You will love them.

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Hira Reid said...

Very interesting information on the manatee and calves. Thanks for sharing.
Hira Reid
A25 #1124