March 11, 2010

Welaka, FL 3.7.10

After watching them load the Manatee, we headed N to Welaka. It’s Sunday morning and the weather is improving. Much warmer.

We have been invited to dinner at Bruce and Kate’s. They have a dock slip they are not using, (their Albin 27’ is in Canada) and we will tie up there for the night.  Carole and Ed of Southern Cross (Albin 25’) will be there also.

The ride across Lake George was fairly smooth.  The wind and current made entering the dock a bit tricky so we opted to tie-up on the outside.

The weather was warm enough for a poolside cookout. Bruce and Kate did a fine job of filling us up, and we all had a great time.

We hooked up to the electric and had heat all night. It cooled down as soon as the sun went down.

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Hira Reid said...

wonderful stories and photos. Interesting about the manatees dying of hypothermia. I would never have guessed.