March 13, 2010

Leaving Welaka FL for Blue Springs. 3.8.10

We moved Slow Motion over to a slip near Carole and Ed and Southern Cross for pictures.


Kate and Tex are saying “so long” to Ed,004 and Bruce is kind enough to take the pictures. Next time we’ll get him into one.

We spent many miles on the water with a “little green boat” (Larry & Diane in their Nimble Nomad) and now we have a “little” Albin 25 following us. You can tell it’s going to be a beautiful day…the curtains are up and the hatches open.


They don’t follow us for long…


Their boat actually cruises faster and easier on fuel than ours does.

We had a nice smooth ride across Lake George. That is not the normal ride we are used to. It doesn’t take much wind to kick it up because it is so shallow.

Looks like these Pelicans are going to take over the Osprey nest. These markers are a favorite spot. The sticks and Spanish Moss have been brought in by the Ospreys. You can see the solar panel that lights the “green” marker. The number is on the sign the Pelican is sitting on. There is a marked channel across the lake to the “gates” at the S end.


We cruised S to Lungun Island, G3. One of our favorite anchorages. We’ve seen Manatees there and it’s a nice spot to take Raisin ashore, and stretch our legs.

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