April 5, 2010

4.5.10 St Johns River (Sand Hill Crane)

We launched this morning….less than 2 hours from home to leaving the dock…and we didn’t even rush. We were surprised.

I put in the 2 corner vinyl panels on each side…center rear screen and 2 big side screens.  I wouldn’t have bothered with the vinyl but figured I should have some protection for the bird. It’s still cool at night.

What a great day!!! Several large gators and I’ll post a video of one tomorrow.

We are anchored behind Drigger Island. Near marker G41. We can enter at the N end. Too shallow at the S end. We did it in the dingy and Jim could easily touch bottom with the short oar. 4’ or less.

As we cruised in we spotted a pair of Sand Hill Cranes, and I was able to snap a couple of pictures.031cs

They are very large birds.


I like the big fluffy tail feathers.


We continued on around behind the island and anchored.


Jim dropped the dingy in the water…loaded the motor and we went for a cruise around the island.  We spotted another pair of Sand Hill Cranes.


The one on the right kept fussing around…lying down..getting up..I figured she might be sitting on a nest. Then I saw this picture…look just above the green leaf by her beak. Do you see a bit of golden fluff peeking at you?


Guess you know…I was thrilled when I saw this picture!!!


We are anchored about an 1/8 of a mile away. We won’t be going up and bothering them again.  That is all floating plants that she is nesting on. First time I’ve seen one that small.

Enough for today…time for my nightly glass of red wine. It is very warm…a light breeze and it’s is beautiful out.  We listened to at least 3 gators bellowing to each other…should be a fun night.


Pam said...

Your shots of the Sandhill Cranes are wonderful and capturing the young one must have been a pleasant surprise.

Montanagirl said...

Great shots! Love the Sandhills and the Chick - wow, what an extra bonus for you.

Dorothy said...

You mentioned have your glass of red wine and guess what? the word verification squiggly word is "winepub"! How funny is that! Gret pictures of the crane and especially the one of the chick! Have fun and be careful!

Hira Reid said...

Fantastic photo of baby Sandhill crane. You do such a wonderful job with photos, simple text and interesting ideas. I laughed when you see an interesting possibility of a live aboard.

Q said...

I have really enjoyed catching up with you. The Sandhill Cranes are wonderful birds. I love the chick in the photograph. What a thrill.
I saw 400,000 Sandhill Cranes in Nebraska a few weeks ago. They were stopping during Spring migration. Just amazing!
Thanks for the photographs.

Anonymous said...

Wow a great shot of the chick!!!