April 6, 2010

4.6.10 Gators


I had planned to post a video of a big gator we saw yesterday but it won’t go…oh well…..

today was an even better gator day. There were big ones all over….saw very few small ones. Here are a few.


Look at the powerful body on this one……I was too close to get the head….


and then it turned and looked at us……….


and slowly slid into the water….and still managed to keep an eye on us.086cs

I really enjoyed this little video…another big gator ….

We are anchored near G19, just a little S of Lake George near Hitchner Island. We had stopped and talked to Jim and Gale, aboard “Sailbad the Sinner”.012cs and the southern end of this loop but they said it was too shallow to continue on around…so we headed back to the river and took the N end in. We came upon this old boat…it has quite a history….built in the ‘20’s….I think for picking up Oysters from the small boats so they wouldn’t have to come in….then belonged to a Doctor who took it to the Bahamas and treated people….put in a big generator so he could have the power he needed…..the current owner hasn’t done anything with it for awhile…but she sure is interesting.


Live aboard??????????


Larry& Diane said...

This is an old motor sailer. There is no head sail the long boom is for power off the wind to help the motor/

Dorothy said...

Yes, a real adventure! That Gator look plenty scary to me!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're back on the river. I've been following your blog and I will be driving down from Indiana soon for a 2 week cruise on the St Johns. I was wondering if you take your inflatable out to see the gators? My wife is concerned about us getting close to big gators in a rubber boat.

Carol said...

Anonymous...we do use our rubber dingy to go cruising etc...but all the shots of the big gators were taken from the deck of our Albin 27. We do not get close to them in the dingy...especially this time of year..they are more agressive..but they don't bother you if you arn't trying to get close to them...so we don't...and we are careful in an are where there is an especially large one. the dog uses the deck after dark. I love the gators..but give them the respect they deserve. I'm afraid we are on the other end of the food chain when in their territory.

Carol said...

Anonymous (Tom)...we are pulling out on Monday..but hope to be back on the water in 2 weeks..so keep in touch..maybe we'll see you out here.