April 9, 2010

4.9.10 drizzly a.m…turning into a beautiful day.

Thunderstorms were predicted for last evening….we had a few flashes of lightening and a crack or two of thunder, a few showers and then it let up. We toyed with the idea of putting in the vinyl side curtains but , instead, just moved the bench seat cushions to the captains chair area and waited to see how it turned out.  Good choice…it rained during the night but more of a straight down drizzle…the rain shields over the sleeper ports worked great ….left them open all night. Very little rain in the cockpit. It drizzled off and on most of the morning…a great day for a “lazy day”.  We didn’t do anything much most of the morning……other than go exploring in the dingy.

Mid-day it cleared up…bright blue skies and brilliant sunshine…we headed S.  Just a short trip to G3, Lungun Island, or Shell Island ( as it’s known by the locals)…

Did see one nice gator on the way.003cs

A Pelican glided along with us for aways…..they are so much fun to watch.


Not many pictures, today….like I said…it was a lazy day.

A pontoon boat beached at the island….we heard a lot of pans banging…they were setting up camp. A nice screen room for sitting…and several big stacks of firewood. Guess they are here for a few days. They left a few minutes ago…hope they come back and start a nice fire. It will be fun to watch from our floating perch.

Well…the sun is down behind the trees…the breeze has let up…the water is flat and shiny. There is a very big gator patrolling…We saw him when we first arrived. I guess that’s one of the safest things about Florida…you don’t have to worry about anyone swimming up and boarding your boat. Even crooks wouldn’t be dumb enough to swim here at night. LOL…

We could hear a big one “growling” last night. I could picture the water vibrating from the deep rumbling he was sending out.

Tomorrow we are planning to anchor at Drigger Island….where we got the picture of the baby Sand Hill Crane. I hope I can be as lucky tomorrow.

Looks like another great night for sleeping at anchor….soooooo much better than being tied to a dock or at home.

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