April 10, 2010

4.10.10 Saturday on the river

Last night a pontoon boat beached at G3 (Lungun Island). They arrived with a big stack of firewood to last the weekend. We really enjoyed the bonfire from our boat…this was our view…

It was another pretty day….warm sunshine…cool breeze. We saw a few very nice gators.


You are probably getting tired of them…but i never do…You don’t often see the whole gator…nose to tail tip..and you don’t here…but you can see that the distance from behind it’s rear legs to nose is not as long as the tail..there is at least another ft below water. Such a pretty one….014cs

This one has some color pattern to it….and isn’t nearly as handsome as the one above.

026cs This one is in the video below…


It has been such beautiful weather…Gators, Osprey, Bald Eagles, Sand Hill Cranes and Turtles aren't the only life on the river. ..this group consisted of 5 pontoon boats and 3 jet skis…all in a hurry…


“go fast” boats…





lots of fishing boats…and even one that travels about our speed.063cs

We only had about 20 miles to run today so did it at a slooooow 4.5 mph…needed to charge the batteries and it was to beautiful to hurry.  No pretty bonfire tonight….just a couple of resident gators cruising around us to keep us company. We are anchored where we saw the Sand Hill Cranes with the little one…but they are gone.


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