April 19, 2010

We are home… 4.17.10

We had no problems loading the boat on the trailer…it was a beautiful day and we headed home.

While I was on the water…I tried to publish a couple of videos and was unable to…here they are.

This gator made such a slow slide into the water it gives you a chance to see just how big it is.

In this video we were trying to get through this narrow section of one loops off the river. Jim thought I could get a better shot of the Sand Hill Cranes from the foredeck, but they had already left. There was a bar at the entrance that we had to go over. Depth gauge showed 2.7 for a quick blink and then we were over…must have been skidding the keel as we crossed it.

This is the best video of the Sand Hill Cranes and the 2 chicks. I was standing in an 8’ inflatable dingy. Not really stable…if you’ve tried it you will appreciate this.

We are going to spend the week doing some cleaning on the boat….a good scrub and several coats of Poliglow…then we’ll be heading for the river again. Maybe we’ll get luck enough to see the Sand Hill Cranes with there little ones again.

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