April 12, 2010

4.11.10 Sand Hill Cranes and 2 little ones!!

When we dropped the hook (anchor)  last night we couldn’t find the Sand Hill Cranes. We decided to stay here anyways and it was a good decision….when I was on deck with Raisin and her “magic carpet” this morning……there they were!

Once we had our coffee cups full…we took the dingy up near the floating mat of water plants and I started taking pictures.

014cs 015cs

A few days ago my pictures only showed one…now there are two…032cs 021cs

They look about the same size so perhaps there were hatched at same  time and I just didn’t see the other one…..I wouldn’t have known there was a little one if it weren’t for the pictures.023cs

They aren't the best pictures but I was standing in an inflatable dingy while taking them

Jim thought I would get some better shots from the deck of the Albin…..so we got the dingy loaded on the swim platform for travel and headed up this narrow channel. Kind of made me think of the African Queen….unfortunately they had already moved to another area farther away.056cs

It is only a bit wider than the boat and there is a shallow bar at the entrance but Jim wanted to give it a try…

We made it over the bar…the depth gauge read 2.7 for a quick flash and then we were over…..must have been scrubbing the bottom with the keel.

Lots of boats again today…..

We made a slow cruise to G109 Butchers Bend.  A couple of gators kept us company…but the real surprise was this Immature Little Blue Heron. I have been trying to get pictures of one but they always fly away…..this one let us drift right up to it.  It’s mostly white but you can see patches of blue where it is molting to it mature color.063cs

076cs 079cs

It was really much prettier than these pictures show it.

100_5962cs 100_5952cs

We are anchored for the night. Weather was again perfect. We’ll be up early…and heading home….What a great week….


Elaine said...

Fantastic photos of the Sandhill Cranes and chicks! I have never seen one of the chicks, although some of the Sandhills that migrate through here do nest around Fairbanks. Maybe I'll get lucky sometime.

Hira Reid said...

I love it how you take the time and go slowly to see what nature has to offer. Most people speed by and are clueless and miss out on nature's beauty.
Hira Reid on Shatoosh
Wa/Or shores