May 16, 2010


Since we were anchored on Murphy’s Creek, just off the St Johns River, we awoke to the normal Saturday rush-hour…bass boats going every direction…all at top speed. 013cs

There was a nice parade of boats heading S.002cs


many were “in the diamonds”017cs



All nice boats…but look at this one…030cs

We arrived at the city dock in Palatka mid morning…wind was kicking up a bit but managed to get into the dock with the help of a bystander. Always nice to have a helping hand on a windy day. We were able to return the favor this evening when a sailboat had a bit of trouble with the wind.

When we arrived we were the only boat at the dock…by mid afternoon it looked like this…a steady stream of bass boats coming in to weigh their catch. 200-300 boats? 045cs

They checked in at the end of the dock where we were tied up….073

then they followed the yellow rope over to the weigh in station..with the audience and all the prizes….056cs 077cs

This is what the water looked like in front of our boat…with everyone milling around waiting for their partner to back the trailer in.081cs

Here are some of the sounds….

It was a hot afternoon….and the loading up went much better than I would have believed. It takes a long time to get several hundred boats out of the water.

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