May 14, 2010


We spent the night at the springs…nice breeze…cool..good sleeping. I was tired from the snorkeling and all the digging.

We had our coffee and headed for the beach. A walk for Raisin and a few more shovels full for us.  Not much luck today….a couple of dimes and lots of pull tabs.

Everyone enjoys the springs…and this Chocolate Lab, Hershey…had the most fun. He spent most of his time in the water.010cs

He came out to greet us as we cruised by in the dingy.011cs

This big houseboat came in while we were ashore. What a beauty!!!025cs

We headed back to the boat… we are going to go to Welaka and have dinner at Shrimp R Us. 005cs

The ride up the Lake was fairly smooth…wind at our backs most of the way. When we got up by marker G61A..we saw the Mount Royal ferry was underway.028cs


Jim thought this would be a very nice boat to do the Great Loop in….I believe they have a Loopers flag on the bow.040cs

Our dinner was very good, as usual. The afternoon sun was pretty warm and not much breeze at the dock so decided to head on up to Murphy's Creek and anchor for the night. It seems strange to be so far from the ocean but still have a tide…I think it’s about 1 ft here and does slow you down a bit if it’s running against you.

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