May 19, 2010


Spent the night at anchor in Deep Creek, ( just N of G37). We traveled up the river to a wide bend where we could get a good breeze. It was calling for thunderstorms overnight so all cushions were stowed and ports closed. The ones in the sleeper have rain shields so we were able to leave them open.

Morning had showers forecast but the wind was down so we headed out. Once on the river, which at this point is very wide, almost like a lake, Jim turned on the radar so he could keep track of any other boat traffic.015cs

He saw this one coming before we could see it thru the rain. The radar even picked up his wake. We are the dot in the middle and the dots that fan out are the wake.004cs

He also had fun watching for the squalls to come across the water before they hit us…this is what it looks like when a shower hits us. The vertical green lines are the shoreline.027cs

This was the visibility when it hit.031cs   Another nice trawler passed us.033cs

Our screens sheeted the water nicely….keeping most of it out….030cs

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Suzanne said...

Well that was fun! I've never been boating and enjoyed "looking over your shoulder" at the experience. You two look like you have a lot of fun on the water.