May 19, 2010


We arrived in Doctor’s Lake around noon…..anchored and took the dingy ashore for Raisin and a few minutes on the beach with the metal detector….no big finds today.

Hot and muggy but we had a nice breeze in Mill Cove. We’re anchored here until it’s time to shower and head to Whitey’s Fish Camp for supper and Texas Holdem.  They have a tournament every Tues night.  Free..and you can donate $1 and get extra chips.  Guess they play for points and prizes.  We didn’t make it to the end but had fun. We’ll keep this in mind when up this way again. We had the Whitey’s Favorite Fish Sandwich.  Great!! There is easily enough to split if you are light eaters. We should have but it was soooooo good we were glad we didn’t. I couldn’t finish my fries the sandwich was so big.

It was after 9 but the sky was still fairly light so we headed back to Mill Cove to anchor.

The only photo today was of  an Osprey on the sign as we entered Mill Cove. 007cs

I thought I saw a little one with her….and she made sure it stayed low as we circled the sign trying to get a good shot.008cs


Hira Reid said...

I'm out cruising with rain squalls myself. I loved the videos of the rain, also of the fishing boats.Take note on my blog. i found a log that looks like an alligator...
on board Shatoosh
Scappoose Oregon

Elaine said...

Nice shots of the Osprey! Sounds like Whitey's is a good place to spend the evening and a great place to eat.