May 22, 2010


We decided to spend the day on Black Creek.

I took these on the way to shore with Raisin.014cs Looks can be deceiving..006cs

The beach is on the other side….and from this side the view isn’t so pretty. I wonder how much water is inside? We see many boats along the river that need a lot of TLC.009cs

It’s 13 mi to the S Fork and N Fork of Black Creek. We took the N fork first.  1.6 mi up the fork you come to the Rt 21 bridge. There is a BP Gas station within walking distance if you need something. We went another 2 miles then turned around…getting shallow. Lots of homes, many on high ground.027cs  It’s not often you get to see a long set of steps down to the water in Florida. I took the pictures from inside…we were closed up with the screens because the deer flies were so bad. Once out of the narrow forks they were gone.031cs

We followed the S fork for a little over 3 miles…much wilder and less expensive homes.

We spotted these ducks sharing a log with a turtle.021cs

Once in the main creek we started seeing the wake boarders.040cs

There’s an island just up the from the entrance and we’ve decided to anchor behind it where we can watch the action. I think this is a hydro-foil….and boy…could he do some tricks!!!


We had a lot of fun watching them… got really exciting when we took the dingy around the island to the main river side.  The wake boarder, 2 bass boats and the hydro-foil all criss-crossed in front of us and we got to ride some nice swells in the dingy.

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Hira Reid said...

Slow Motion--no mo.Wow--great photos of hydro foils,etc
Hira on board Shatoosh
Columbia River