May 22, 2010


Nice night at anchor…breeze most of the night…but by morning the water was like glass…not a ripple in sight.

Last night on the way back to the boat we spotted a Yellow Crowned Night Heron with it’s nest. We tried to get pictures but it was too windy. This morning it was perfect. The nest is only about 6’ off the water.058cs

110cs 051cs

It’s a beautiful bird. But talk about a bad hair day!! Arn’t they darling?073cs

We were drifting up under the branches for the pictures.102cs

They don’t look impressed with us. Something about them makes me think of the movie “Jurassic Park”.


Jim was a good sport trying to keep the dingy in the right spot. There was only one opening where I could see this bird without lots of branches in the way.

I took this shot out of the video. I think it must have been trying to frighten us off.064_0003cs When it realized we meant no harm…it continued with it’s grooming.

Once we finished taking pictures & videos (over 130), we weighed the anchor and headed N to Green Cove Springs city dock to meet Ed.  He took us to lunch and we were joined by Gordon and Susanne. Gordon has an Albin 25 and Susanne has a 44 ft sailboat.  WOW..wouldn't it be great to live on that? Ed just sold his Albin 25 to some nice people…hope we get to cruise with them one of these days. He flew out the same day and we will look forward to several meals at the Shrimp R Us restaurant in Welaka with them next winter when they return.

The city dock at Green Cove Springs is really pretty nice. Floating docks with elec and water for $10 a night. We didn’t spend the night and headed over to check out Trout Creek , it got pretty narrow and Jim picked up a few souvenirs when we made the turn around. I had to drop the antenna to keep it out of the trees.001cs Next was a trip to Six Mill Creek… Outback Crab Shack has a looooooooooooooooong dock that customers can tie up to over night….so we had supper…and did just that. We’re in the middle of the dock.006cs

We did see a gator swimming around just behind us. First one we’ve seen in over a week…so they are here.

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