June 20, 2010

2 new Hella fans & 2 new house batteries 6.19.10

Last week Jim pulled the 4 house batteries and took them down to be checked….2 were bad and he replaced them with new ones.  Now we shouldn’t have to run the generator so much.

We also added 2 Hella fans to the sleeper.009cs

Jim placed them between the ports so we can pull air in through them…or if it is raining…we can aim them so they blow out…which should pull air in through the open hatch. Either way we should be more comfortable at night.  They are fairly quiet and very low amp draw.

They swivel and do not interfere with the opening of the ports.

We will most likely launch the boat a week from tomorrow. It is pretty hot here in Florida right now so we’ll definitely find out how much they help.

It won’t be like having AC….but better than no air at all.

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