June 5, 2010


Jim’s brother, Carl, is going to pick him up this morning …take him to the house to pick up the truck and trailer and then we’ll haul out.

I’ll have all the screens down and the boat ready for towing. While we waited for Carl, Jim deflated the dingy and got that stowed on the foredeck.

It was a busy day at the launch ramp…and we normally wouldn’t pull out on a weekend ..but we’ll wait for a break so as not to hold anyone up.

Since everything is ready when the trailer hits the water..it really doesn’t take much longer than any other larger boat.  Once on the trailer and off the ramp, we get it ready for travel. Dingy, gas cans, diesel can, generator etc all go in the truck bed, hatches closed and locked and the dog and bird loaded into the truck….and we are on our way.

Once the battery problem is fixed…and the 2 new Hella fans that I have ordered are installed…we’ll head for the water for another couple of weeks.  Can’t wait!!!!

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