June 5, 2010


I was up early and had a nice view of the moon as it was descending. We finally spent the “full moon” time on the water…it always seems we miss it for one reason or another.022cs

We chatted with the fishermen while walking Raisin. Guess they had a nice night and we told them we had enjoyed their campfire.

We’ve decided to haul out on Sunday. Our battery bank isn’t holding as long as it should…Jim thinks we might have a bad battery or cell that is draining the charge or just not holding one..so……instead of running the generator most of the time….we’ll go in so he can check them out and replace them if need be.

The river was very busy today. Boats going every where.

This looks like a home made houseboat…It’s beached behind the island at R110  (I keep saying G109) but it’s really by marker R 110. We didn’t get a chance to visit with the couple aboard…maybe next time.029cs

We anchored for the night…had fun watching a few of the resident gators cruise the area. 041cs

You definitely do not swim in this area, but it’s a great gator watching place.  I don’t think we have ever anchored here and not seen at least one….and counted 14 in or around the island a year ago. It’s one of our favorite stops.

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