July 2, 2010


Those Hella fans were worth every penny!!   I don’t think it cooled down a bit after the sun went down. We hauled the anchor up early….with Jim’s hand in bandages ..I am now on anchor duty…

The dock was fairly busy but we managed to get nosed up to it enough for me to step off and head to Ace Hardware. Jim circled in the river until I got back..

There were 5 boats with the Sheriff’s dept launching. I think I heard them count 21 people  complete with dive gear going out on training exercises. I commented on their fun job….one told me it was great but for the logistics.  5 boats and 21 men all trying to launch and load at the same time…and (with a laugh) no woman to tell them what to do.  I volunteered!!  The didn’t take me up on it though. Nice bunch of guys.

By the time I picked up the flag..and a mop (forgot that too) and got back to the ramp…the 5 boats were tied to it waiting for the rest of the crew…when they saw me standing there with a big stick (mop handle)..one spoke up and asked if I was ready to give orders.  Once they realized I was waiting to be picked up by a boat they took off and Jim was able to nose in and pick me up.

We had a good day’s run up to Silver Glen Springs. It was pretty warm and I couldn’t wait to get in the water for a cool down. I set a stern anchor to keep us from swinging into the channel. It will be busy with all the boats coming in for the holiday.

The lake is down ..we normally show over 3 ft on the depth gauge going into the springs...it blinked at 2 several times. We need 3 ft. of water under us and the depth gauge sits 1 ft below the waterline, so we only cleared the bar by inches.  Several large cruisers made it in and a couple of big houseboats.

It will be a wild place this weekend!!! There are several boats in here already. Some have canopies set up in the water..along with their satellite dishes.

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