July 2, 2010


That nice gentle rain lasted all night. I got up around 1am…read for awhile and then just enjoyed sitting in the dark listening to the patter of the rain on the hardtop and the water. The hardtop is perfect for this kind of rain. I guess we got it the right size. The water sheets on the screen and runs straight down. Gusting wind is the only time it blows in. I had the bench cushions standing by the captains chair but the benches were dry this morning. Even the carpet was dry.

Around 10 am the rain quit…I bailed out the dingy and we took Raisin ashore.

We hauled up the anchors and headed to Welaka. Some very nice people (Carole & Ed of Southern Cross) gave us a gift certificate for Shrimp R Us…and we used part of it for a late lunch/early supper.

Looked like rain..but nothing falling. Took our umbrella with us just in case. The food was great..as always. Thanks guys!!

We visited with the Coast Guard Aux for a few minutes at the city dock…then headed up to the 7 Sisters Islands to anchor for the night. We have a nice breeze and a light rain has started to fall. I can hear thunder in the distance…all ports are closed except the ones in the sleeper with the rain shields. I don’t think we will need the vinyl side curtains, unless it gets really blustery.

Muggy..but not hot. We got lucky and had a couple of nice nights. It’s supposed to start warming up again. It’s a good thing Jim and I spend so much time outside when we are home….we’d never  be able to stand it without AC. We are some what acclimated… (or not all there)…most of the boats we see at the springs have AC.

We had invited Jim’s brother, Carl, to spend the night of the 4th on the boat with us to watch the fireworks in Sanford, on Lake Monroe…It was so hot the first night out, we felt we should give him a heads up on the heat problem. Also the manager at Monroe Park said parking could be a problem unless he came a day early…So there’s been a change of plans.  Since we won’t have company we decided to go to Palatka and see their display.  It is so much fun to watch them from the water. Should be there tomorrow.

Sorry there are no pictures…unless I find that cord tucked away someplace there won’t be any. We saw 2 deer standing in the  lake about 50’ from shore in knee deep water..feeding. I took several pictures and was anxious to see how they came out and to post them.

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