July 4, 2010


Lazy day on the river.  It was overcast with a slight breeze so we dallied over our coffee and didn’t pull the anchor until after 10 am. As soon as I got back in the boat it started to sprinkle and we had rain off and on all the way to Palatka. It made for a very nice ride….still very muggy but the lack of sunshine and the breeze made it very enjoyable.

We decided to tie up  at Corkey Bell’s dock and take a quick hike to the store. On our way back we picked up an order of hot wings for our lunch….with a double order of the carrot and celery sticks. Great hot wings!!

The barge for the fireworks is tied up at the city dock for loading. We don’t need go ashore for anything so opted to anchor out…my preference. With a light breeze you get a nice rock n’ roll for sleeping.

Late afternoon a storm rolled in so I put up the vinyl side curtains…again leaving the rear and rear side screens in. Very comfortable for the afternoon and evening. Still very muggy.

We should be anchored in a good spot for the fireworks.

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