July 10, 2010


Another beautiful sunrise at Silver Glen Springs, FL


I was up early and had my coffee in hand and was able to enjoy it on the deck. I had my camera with me hoping the big gator would swim by. …but it didn’t.

Once the sun, the dog, and Jim were up …I decided to take a dip. We don’t really swim in this area, but I wanted to check the prop for grass and weeds before we headed out today, so I put my snorkel on..got the prop taken care of…and had the dickens scared out of me. The Manatee returned and looked right up at me. 247cs

She wasn’t there when I did the prop…but I wasn’t looking for her. Jim saw her coming and grabbed the camera, but I was under the boat at the time so he couldn’t warn me. I didn’t find her scary….but if she could sneak up on me in this clear water…so could the gator. Good lesson learned. I got out of the water…she did her tour of the boat and dingy then headed back to the lake.

We took Raisin ashore and these Buzzards were making good use of a houseboat top.232cs

After coffee…the dingy stowed on the swim platform…we headed out into the lake. These 3 deer were enjoying the water plants.063cs

We were almost to the lower “gates”..the entrance to Lake George on the S end, when we spotted this rain cloud. It was the only dark spot in the sky…everywhere else it was white puffy clouds and blue skies.256cs

We met several boats at the gates…they were most likely headed to the springs.

We are anchoring in a new spot tonight. I can hear Sand Hill Cranes in the distance…lots of frogs…and this little 6 footer swam right up to our boat and touched it with his nose.263cs

That’s the first one we’ve had do that.

Later in the evening it made another pass. 269cs

It was very interested in us….as we were with it. They seem to move through the water with so little effort.

It was a great day …full of exciting moments.


Suzanne said...

Wow! Your adventures are so interesting to me. Love the pictures and videos. Happy boating!

Kathiesbirds said...

I'd say those were exciting moments! Yikes! Love the manatee!