July 10, 2010


Not many clouds in the sky today….very warm…not a bit of breeze.  We arrived at G109 around 2pm…couldn’t find a spot to anchor that would give us early shade…so decided to head on down to Lake Monroe Park …. load the boat and head home. We were planning to haul out in the morning, early, anyways.

We were lucky…there was a bit of shade at the dock and we grabbed it. Took our time getting the screens down, the dingy deflated and everything stowed for road travel.


Once the boat is out of the water and away from the ramp…..I  secure the forward window, and lock the hatches so they wont blow open on the road. This is the easy part….now I have to unload everything when we get home. But it’s all worth it.  Can’t wait till the trip.

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