September 9, 2010

Silver Glen Springs to Old Ocklawaha River

We awoke to a beautiful sky and cooler temperatures005cs …..Jim figured this morning would be a great time to scrub down the boat. The heavy condensation sitting on it overnight should soften up the worst of it. It was so dirty he ended up scrubbing it with an old piece of scotch bright. I thought I’d add this picture for all you who are unable to spend time on your boats right now….just wanted you to remember all the fun you are missing.
Once the boat was clean and coffee finished….we headed towards the Old Ocklawaha River. We’ll anchor there tonight and be a short run to Welaka for biscuits and gravy at Shrimp R Us, tomorrow morning.
Lake George was flat…it looked like liquid silver…019
As we neared the upper end of the lake….the blind mosquitoes swarmed us…the boat was black with them. I thought there were a lot on the screens but the walk way was covered…so much for a clean boat. Sure glad they don’t bite.
The fish were very active..must have been feeding on them..
By the time we got to the Old Ocklawaha River they were either dead or gone. Several buckets of water rinsed most of them away.
Very HOT today…but the clouds gave us some shade every now and then.
Once the sun went down it cooled a bit and we enjoyed our evening at anchor.

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Elaine said...

That first photo is gorgeous!