September 8, 2010

North to Silver Glen Springs

We were treated to a beautiful sky last night.007cs
Once the sun was down the frogs started with their chorus. They would all get going at once….then suddenly stop… wouldn’t be long before they’d be singing again. I love the nights out here on the water.
When we got started this morning there wasn’t a cloud in the sky….we knew it was going to be a hot one…..and it was.
The ice maker kept up with us…every 11 minutes it had 9 little cubes ready. It may not sound like much to you…but to those who are used to drinking warm water….it was a treat.  Even had a couple of bags to put in the freezer for this evening.
We only saw 3 gators today….one small one and 2 swimming. This one was crossing in front of us.023cs
This Osprey must have been drying it’s wings. They were spread out catching the sun.020cs
The river is low and it’s easy to spot all the Cyprus Knees. They are so beautiful.010cs
By mid morning the clouds started to roll in and we had a bit of shade as we traveled. I though this pattern at the entrance to Silver Glen Springs was pretty.032cs
We anchored just inside the springs but not up in the anchorage where most of the boaters go. We are hoping to see the Manatee again.
We took the dingy and Raisin into the anchorage …gave her a trip to shore while we did some swimming.
It’s amazing how cold that 72 degree water feels when it’s in the 90’s. Boy is it refreshing!  After a nice cool down, we went back to the boat for supper….afternoon showers cooled things down a bit….but once they let up the breeze died…and it got quite sticky.
It’s 1 am….I am sitting here enjoying the cool air …a cool glass of wine and the frog songs.  They aren't as vocal here as those near Drigger Island…but pleasant just the same. A couple of Barred Owls were calling to each other a few minutes ago.  I love the night sounds.


Suzanne said...

I just love your descriptions and enjoyment of nature and the birds and critters you see. I sit here with a smile on my face imagining as I read. It's magical. :) Thank you for sharing your journey.

Hira Reid said...

I too, love the night sounds. Iam docked next to mother osprey and 2 young ones. they make quite racket all day, but are quiet at night. NO gators here, thak heavens. Have a good and safe cruise.
Hira onboard Shatoosh, Columbia River, Walker Island.

Elaine said...

Nice shots. I like the Osprey sunning himself. You are seeing some beautiful scenery. We are in Pennsylvania for a few weeks so we are seeing some different country too.