October 29, 2010

Red Shouldered Hawk

Many people put out fake Owls to keep the birds off their boats….I don’t have to…015cs

It looks like it’s trying to fly off with the boat.


It saw something in the grass …..


Then it looked at the tree….and decided to sit up there awhile….049cs

What a beautiful bird.


It wasn’t afraid of me….but kept an eye on me as I walked around to get better pictures.


It moved onto the feeder hangers and I decided to discourage that for a sitting spot and chased it away. I hated to see it leave…but I had no choice…..


Look at this face….such a handsome bird….and such a sharp beak.



Kate said...

I can't believe you were able to take such awesome photos without it flying away. Lucky you!

Abraham Lincoln said...

Beautiful photographs. You captured what looks like an adult male, Coopers Hawks. They are smaller than the females and about as large as a Sharp-shinned Hawk. If it was a Sharpie, it would have a squared-off tail instead of rounded. Coopers are rounded. Nice shot and I was pleased to be able to see them.

Ola said...

very beautiful shots!