November 27, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving 2011

We had a great Thanksgiving dinner with Tom and Cindy, our neighbors. Cindy put on a wonderful feast. Thank you so much, Cindy!!

We spent most of the day getting Slow Motion ready. Jim had already hooked up water to it and started the engine, so we knew we wouldn’t be dead in the water after launching. We try to start it every few months when not in use.

Jim’s brother, Carl, came down and spent Thanksgiving with us and followed us to Lake Monroe to help  with the launching.

We motored up to Butcher’s Bend at G109 and anchored…took a nap…and had turkey sandwiches for supper (compliments of Tom and Cindy)..then enjoyed the evening. What a beautiful day.


We expected to see several gators but only one stuck it’s head up as we were leaving. When there is a lot of activity on the water they stay hidden.

Talked to Larry and Diane of “A Dollar More”. They are heading S….we’ll head N and meet on the river somewhere.

The day started out a bit overcast.


At marker G77 we took a side creek. This is a favorite for kayaks and canoes since it’s of the main river. We are near Blue Springs and they have rentals.


We saw this little houseboat cruise past our anchorage last evening. They were all lit up with Christmas decorations. We like the looks of this small boat for river S of Lake George. There are so many places we just cant get into because it is so shallow, and we much prefer the wilder southern part of the river.


We almost missed this gator. I was so busy taking pictures …I never noticed the little gators with her.



I love the one sitting on her tail. I see at least 4 but Jim said he saw a bunch scramble into the water.

This duck(?) was swimming in the water. Not sure what it is…but the bill or beak looks more like a Night Heron’s.


Several boats out today…but these were the best looking.



This guy seemed to enjoy having it’s picture taken.


We decided this would definitely be a comfortable live aboard.


It wasn’t much later when “A Dollar More” showed up. After a little chat on the radio…we decided to head N, so they did a “U” turn.


Diane passed us some late lunch…the best BBQ ribs we’ve had.


We will anchor behind the island at G3…Lungun Island. It’s a popular spot for campers but no one was on the island when we got there.

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Ola said...

I hope that you don't swim when the gators are in the water:( they look pretty scary!