November 22, 2011

Loading the boat 11.22.11

It has been a busy last few months. The work on the camper/hauler is almost finished.  The living quarters have been completed but for a little trim.  All the cabinets, the converter (dark thing between cupboards) as well as, the windows are all from the old camper.

The bed is folded up against the front wall…you can see the hinges.  It was very comfortable. We bought a memory foam mattress for a hide a bed. We were impressed with how well we slept.


The bathroom is from the old camper. Jim painted the tub and seat to match. I love the blue.


We do have to rough it abit.  The sink is fold down….must fill it then dump it in the tub. It lifts right out…..just a stainless dog bowl.  But it does work well.

We only spent 4 nights in it…but so far it will do the job.

The kitchen and all the windows are from the old camper. The fridge came with the car hauler.


So……now we are concentrating on cleaning and loading the boat. I have all the bedding aboard…food stuffs go in Thurs am.  Friday we will launch…hopeing that everyone will be out shopping….after all…it is Black Friday.

We’ll be heading N on the St Johns River, FL. Larry and Diane of “A Dollar More”  Albin 27, are already on the river. They trailered down from OK.  We would have met them sooner but went to a carshow/ swapmeet in Moultrie, GA in our new “camper/hauler”. Just had to road test it and try out everything we’d done to see what needed more work. Right now…it seems good the way it is.

But…… matter how comfortable it is… is still land bound….I can’t wait to get aboard Slow Motion and start cruising. There’s a bunch of big gators just waiting to have their pictures taken.


Anonymous said...

When trying to find a utility sink, you might uncover that they're usually around 14 inches deep but you could purchase them in a range of unique materials to suit.

Slow Motion...always an adventure said...

Suzie..we thought about buying a small sink like the one we had on the 26X (sailboat) but were trying to use existing stuff and the dog dish was about $7. Thanks for stopping by. We'll be launching stop back and see where we are. Happy Thanksgiving