December 30, 2011


Another cold night. I don’t know how we manage to do it….but every time we head towards Jacksonville, it gets cold…then we head S and the weather warms up.

Jim started the generator this morning to charge the batteries. When he came inside he said we were going to have a nice sunrise.


Someone is going to be a very unhappy boater when he climbs aboard this sailboat on the L…….

Here’s a closer view.


A few minutes later they were gone…but I’ll bet they left lots of “calling cards”.

This is out my side window….and across Larry and Diane’s deck….


This boat makes us look small. What a nice cruiser.


This is a nice dock…electric and water …and within walking distance of a Walgreens, Family Dollar and a couple of restaurants.

We spent the night anchored with the sailboats….then pulled into the slips for a walk to Walgreens. Once all business was taken care of, we backed out of the slips and headed N.

A long dock near Green Cove Springs city dock.


The river has been flat all day. At 1300 we started losing the push and started fighting the current. It’s not too bad in the wide part of the river…hope we hit Jacksonville at slack high tide. It is narrow through there and you are either shooting right along or crawling…

Approaching I 295 bridge….


N side of I 195…..


Jacksonville, FL off A Dollar More’s starboard bow……


I believe we go under 6 bridges….this is I 95



This railroad bridge is the only one that could delay us…but it was up when we approached.


After the RR bridge is a huge span..don’t know what that road is, but then you can see the mall and lots of room for boats.


The blue bridge is Main Street Bridge…


The section between the two towers lifts straight up…it stays level. Very interesting to watch.


looking back after passing under……


We were going to take advantage of the free docking at the stadium but the current was so strong we decided to go past the next bridge and anchor behind an island. We’ve anchored here before.

Diane made spaghetti for supper and we were invited….what a treat…she is such a good cook. Diane and I enjoyed the sunset and conversation while Larry played “galley slave”. She cooked and he cleaned up….sharing of the duties…the only way to go boating and have everyone enjoy themselves.


I can hear the water rippling along between the boats…I hope it does it all night. It doesn’t seem to be as cold tonight….but…again….it is still early.

Another great day on the water.

Tomorrow we will be in the ICW. We’ll be watching for dolphins.



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