December 31, 2011

12.31.11 New year’s Eve

Larry sent me a few pictures last night…but I had already posted the blog and shut down the computer….

Sunrise at Green Cove Springs city dock.


And don’t we look spiffy on this beautiful water….


It was like this all the way to Jacksonville, FL.


He got a great shot of Jacksonville…only thing that could make it better, would if we were in it.


Our anchorage last night was behind Exchange Island. Weather stayed nice. No heater.

Jim and I were up at 0530. I made coffee. We got the curtains down and prepared for an early departure. Larry was up early, as usual, and agreed…..the current was going our way and we wanted to make the most of it.

As soon as the sun was partially up….we left.

These two tugs were pushing a big container ship up to the dock…then they headed the same way we were. The clouds in the back ground look like snow covered hills.


The sun was lighting up the opposite side of the river, but Larry and Diane still looked to be in shadow.


It was about 20 miles from our anchorage to the ICW. Doesn’t look that far on the chart.



A gentleman aboard this boat shouted “ I love your boat…it’s my favorite!!” I Kind of liked his too.


Larry likes to keep Diane in diamonds.


It was such a beautiful day…I spent a lot of time on deck, and Capt.’ Jim was at the wheel.


I sure do miss the thrill of sailing…..but when it’s cold….I’m glad we’re sitting inside.



As we were nearing St Augustine, FL, this tour ship was heading back. Looks like it had a full crew.



Diane called the marina and got instructions on getting a mooring for the night. We had to check in at the fuel dock…pay..get a number and then go pick it up. Moorings are floating white balls secured to the bottom of a lake, river, or bay etc.  It has a rope on it…you cruise up slowly…boat hook at the ready and grab the line then secure it to your boat. This catamaran is moving in to pick up the one on the L side of the photo.


The sun is setting and the lights along the water front are lit. We can hear the party goers laughing and yelling on shore.


It is a nice night. We got moored early enough to drop the dingys and cruise around the mooring field and look at all the different boats. Several catamarans and liveaboard sailboats.

No curtains up yet…no heater, enjoying the sights and sounds on shore. We’ve been waiting for fireworks..but I have a feeling it will be midnight when they go off.

Our decision to leave early paid off….we had a push most of the day…and when we didn’t we were not slowed down a lot. Our average speed was 6.3 with a top speed of 9.2. It was our longest day for mileage…approx. 54 miles. We kept our engine rpms at 1750 – 1800. Normal speed would be around 5.8 mph.

I have a feeling we’ll be sleeping thru the fireworks….unless they go off overhead.

Happy New Year everyone. We are spending it right…..on the water!!!!


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