December 6, 2011


This should have been in the last post. I was going to add it to it…but then everyone who had already read it…wouldn’t see it.

After Larry and Diane left Silver Glen Springs….Jim and I were swinging on our own anchor. One thing never changes when boating…things can always change and you have to be on top of it. We Weren’t.

When we anchored…we were nose to a sand bar…we never gave it a thought after Larry left. The wind swung us around and we were still crossways of the anchorage.  But it wasn’t the wind against the current that was keeping us that way.

Jim was scrubbing the dirt off the boat and I had finished cleaning inside…and decided to go snorkeling…I looked under the boat to check the prop and realized the keel was on the sand bar….we were “aground”.

I was walking in waste deep water…pushing, pulling, tugging…nothing.  Jim put the anchor in the dingy and took it way out into deep water. I pulled on the anchor and he pushed with the dingy…didn’t work.  We could move it sideways…but not forward….let all the anchor rode out and both got on the bow and shoved…It worked!!! We were in the channel…let it drift into deeper water…hauled in the anchor and moved to another spot.

Guess that’s what we get for laughing at Larry and Diane’s “Christmas Wreath”.


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