December 5, 2011

Silver Glen Springs, FL

There was a pretty sunrise, but by the time I got my camera, dog, coffee and Jim into the dingy most of it was gone. I still got a picture of the pair of Bald Eagles in the top of the tree.


This is the highest tree in our anchorage….the sun came up and stayed behind it all the way to the top….now if we tried to anchor in the summer to have shade….it wouldn’t happen.


Larry and Diane are leaving this morning. We’ll hang out most of the day. Larry is getting ready to loose the lines and haul his anchor and leave.


We anchored bow to stern with each putting out an anchor to keep us crossways of the creek and out of the channel.

And there they go…..



Jim had to mess with Larry so we nosed up behind them and gave them a push….then pulled alongside to say “so long”.

Good thing we did. Larry forgot to push that “magic” button and the anchor was still down. Normally when we raft up, only one of us puts an anchor out….he knew ours was….and forgot about his.

So we gave him a shout….


When the anchor came up we laughed our heads off.

He had a huge ball of weeds on the anchor. We told him he should put a big red bow on it and tell everyone it was a Christmas Wreath.


Just in case you didn’t get a good look….


I tried to stop laughing long enough to take some pictures….then Jim rowed over and pulled all the stuff off. Some people will do anything to amuse their friends. Thanks guys!!!!

We followed them down the run until they went thru the entrance.


They called us when they got to the gate at the S end of Lake George. Said they had a lumpy ride.

This is the gate. It is so shallow at this end of the lake that these are needed to funnel traffic into the channel.


Here are some scenes from our day….








and more turtles…..the first 2 look like they are ready for take-off.


Blue Heron catching rays….nature’s solar panels.


A bit of color…


This car has been on this pontoon for several years…. I guess this is what you do if you have a boat house….instead of a garage?


As we were coming into Astor, FL….we started noticing a lot of people gathering along the river and on their docks….then this boat came out of a side channel….


Here’s another….


We had forgotten Astor was having a Christmas Boat Parade. So we found a spot to drop the anchor and hung out for awhile to watch the parade. It was much bigger than we thought it would be and everyone sounded like they were having a great time.  After all the boats had gone by we hauled anchor and headed to Lungun Island to anchor for the night.

Another great day on the water.


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Angad Achappa said...

So many buzzards together.. lovely images here.. I wish i had a boat... :)