December 2, 2011

Deep Creek

Another cold night…but the open engine compartment provided enough heat to enjoy the cockpit until bedtime…then it’s just a matter of getting up to use the head or to heat the water in the thermos that I use to keep the bird warm.

Looking back into the mist rising off Deep Creek.


Here come Larry and Diane aboard “A Dollar More”.


Once the sun is up….it is warm inside.

We cruised S to Corkey Bell’s floating dock. After tying up we hiked up to the grocery store. There is also a Family Dollar there. Not a long walk…I believe there is a parts store within a mile. Jim had to walk it a year or so ago for an alternator.

After stowing the groceries, we had lunch at Corkey Bell’s.

We took  a side trip down Murphy Creek. Saw a few gators. One was pretty big but as soon as Jim slowed the engine down he disappeared.

We decided to anchor at Seven Sisters, just S of the Buffalo Bluff Railroad Bridge. There is a nice wide spot that should give us early morning sunshine.

A nice evening at anchor….and not as cold as last night. Again, the engine compartment threw off enough heat to keep us comfortable in the cockpit. So far, we’ve only run the generator and heater for an hour or so on a couple of mornings.

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