December 4, 2011

Seven Sisters to Silver Glen Springs, FL

A little after 8 the sun started shining and we headed out. We had rafted up to Larry and Diane so just had to loose the lines and motor away. Larry hit that magic button and up his anchor came… Sure would be nice to have one of those. I keep telling myself we need the exercise. 

Jim had his heart set on Biscuits ‘n Gravy so we stopped at Welaka and hiked to Shrimp R Us.  By the time we got there we were all ready for some.

A few hours later we stopped at Georgetown Marina for fuel.


The fuel is Marine fuel and treated with Biocide so we decided to fill up.  Took about 40 gallons. (this included our last trip out…we were not full when we launched.) So far, we’ve traveled 238 miles. I think Jim figured we are using .56 gallons an hour. The price wasn’t too bad….until you realize there is a 7% tax added to it. Nice to see diesel cheaper than gas for a change.


This Great Blue Heron looks like a statue for advertising.


There were a few men cleaning some nice sized fish. This White Heron was standing nearby. If you look closely at the photo you will see it only has one foot.


They told Larry it was about 20 years old…and if you aren’t careful when cleaning your fish….it will take it

Guess it was a day for birds at the dock….this hawk flew in and watched us for awhile.


When we got there the attendant had gone for lunch. While we waited,  Diane fixed everyone a snack of beef stick and crackers….even Raisin had a few bites.


We had a lumpy ride across Lake George to Silver Glen Springs. Not a rough ride…we were not quite broadside to the waves and every now and then one would push the back of the boat around a bit. You had to stay alert to remain on course. Larry said his auto pilot was having fits so he finally shut it off.

Once we got into Silver Glen, we dropped the dingys in the water and did a short cruise. There are a few boats in here…but no one aboard, so we have the place to ourselves.

Jim and I check for fishing line and bobbers. Got 2 and a long piece of line.

Imagine….I’ve had to put the curtains up to keep the cold out and this afternoon at the Glen I had to put one up because the sun was so warm….I almost missed this sunset.


Larry and Diane have some business to take care of so will leave in the morning and head to Astor, FL where their truck and trailer are. We’ll hang out here till later in the day..(time to go swimming) and we’ll meet them by G3, Lungun Island tomorrow night or the next morning.

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Elaine said...

Looks like you're having a great cruise!