January 12, 2012


We spotted one gator cruising across the entrance to the lake. Expected to hear them during the night…but all was quiet.

Our sunrise was spectacular! It really wasn’t quite this red…more of a rich coral with some blue…but this is how the camera caught it.


View from inside the boat.


The Caloosahatchee River  is part of the Okeechobee Waterway. It takes us to Ft Myers, FL and from there you can head North or South in the Gulf Of Mexico. The scenery changes as you go….there is a long stretch that looks like pasture land. This wild landscape appeals to me. I don’t care much for the manicured lawns and fancy houses.

Most people don’t realize  how many cattle are raised in Florida


These boats can put out a huge wake. Believe it or not…..he is giving us a slow pass.


and away they go…..


We are anchored in a side creek near the town of Alba. High winds were expected today, but we were well sheltered in the canal all day. Tonight it is nice and quiet.


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