January 12, 2012


I was still in bed when I heard Jim hauling up the anchor. We couldn’t raft up in this narrow little creek without blocking the entrance, so we had to do it the hard way. Much easier letting Larry drop his and then rafting up.

There was a touch of fog as we headed into the waterway. Franklin lock isn’t too far ahead.

We were surprised when a boat came roaring out of the fog with a skier in tow….he wasn’t using skis….he was on his back and butt…..brrrrrr…tooo cold for that early in the morning….but it was kind of neat.

No problems locking down. We did have a few Manatees in the lock with us, so were very careful as we left.

We fueled up at the Ft Myers Yacht Basin. It’s just the other side of the bridge.


Not too many pictures today. It was pretty hectic out here. Big boats, little boats and all sizes in between going full blast in both directions. We would jump one wake and immediately be setting up for another.

When we got near Shell Pt we were in a “slow speed Manatee Zone” and everyone was on their best behavior…until out of that area ….then off they went again. Most of the big boats had passed us in the Manatee Zone but before we made it to the bridge in the distance (Sanibel Island Causeway)…..several more had caught us…a wild ride.



We are anchoring in the Ft Myers Mooring Field. It is behind Estero Island, in Matanzas Pass.

The trip in was interesting. A row of single story modest homes line the waters edge and big hotels behind them. I doubt there is anything modest about their value now.



We were going to pick up a mooring ball but there is a spot in the back with several sailboats and a houseboat anchored….so we’re doing the same.

The wind is supposed to pick up after 7 pm and last until the same time tomorrow night. Right now everything is calm. It’s 2030. Hope the weather is wrong. If not…we’ll hang out here until it passes.

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