January 16, 2012


My last post was out of order…but had information about the engine overheating on A Dollar More that adds to the story.

Nice night…..with a beautiful sunrise.


Some days it just doesn’t pay to get out of bed….especially if it’s your birthday and it’s Friday the 13th.

Larry was up early….as usual…but needed to make a trip into town to pick up a prescription at Walgreens. He can dingy over to the marina dingy dock, (at least 1/2 mile in cold lumpy water), then catch a trolley or bus to the mainland ..to Walgreens. Sounds easy, huh?  Sometimes it is…today it wasn’t. He got the bus…(wrong one)..took a sight seeing tour, explained to the bus driver where he wanted to go and got on the right bus.  Had all kinds of problems with the prescription and getting it filled etc.…back on the bus to the marina and another dingy ride to the boat. Dingy stowed on the swim platform…ready to go.

He opened his engine compartment to do his daily check and he found a bilge full of oil…..finding oil is great if you are a prospector….but not in the bilge. A wire tie or something had worn a hole in his oil filter…..and he didn’t have a spare.

Jim and I dropped our dingy in the water and headed over to a canal that had a grocery store with dingy access, according to Active Captain. We’ll pick up some needed supplies and extra oil for Larry.

Larry did a repair/patch on the filter. It needs to set for several hours so we’ll spend another night at anchor.

Jim is coming down with the cold that I have….I am on the mend, so a day of rest and sleep will help us both.



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