January 16, 2012


New filter, lots of oil pressure….we are on our way.

Larry says “Lets see how far we can go today.”

About a mile and a half later we get a call on the radio….his engine is over-heating again.

We both drop our anchors and try to figure out what the problem is. Jim suggested removing the thermostat and running without it. We had tested it the last time it over-heated, by putting it in a pan of water and heating it up and watching it open and close. It worked but there is always a chance it’s not working all the time.

Larry’s luck is holding true to form.  We are anchored in nice warm sunshine….Larry is in the shade of a tall building. Of course, it’s probably warm in his boat with the engine compartment open and the heat from the engine.

While letting the engine cool down enough to remove the thermostat….Larry noticed a difference in water temperature between a couple of hoses that should have been the same. The only thing they hadn’t taken apart the first time, was the oil cooler hoses. This is what he found. 2 big pieces of old impeller fins. They’ve been there a long time. The ones Larry uses are a light blue.


Evidently they were free floating and restricted once in a while. Once everything was put back together we hauled anchors and were on our way.

Here’s a pretty picture.  Larry, Diane and A Dollar More….under their own power.


Here’s a nice boat taking a picture of us…while we take one of them.


Another pretty cruiser.


A Dollar More entering one of the locks.


Diane handles one line and Larry another from the bow.


A Dollar More is dwarfed by this big fishing boat. You should have seen the wake before he slowed down.


And he’s off and running.


Here’s an Albin 27 on a lift. It also has a hardtop. It looks like the covers are to protect the vinyl side curtains if it has them.


You can see what our bottom looks like…..everything painted green is under water. Gives you an idea how much water we need under us.


We are passing thru the pasture land area and have seen lots of cows. Must be time for their end of day drink. One group had a couple of calves that were running and kicking up their heels and having a great time. They entertained us for a while. Jim had fun talking to them with the air horn. Some ignored it…others stopped and watched us go by.

These Cattle Egrets can be found around most cows and horses.


There is a marina out here in the middle of no where. A sailboat is anchored near the entrance and we’ll anchor there as well. It has been a good day.

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